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UzLand web-site was launched in February of 1998

Uzbekistan publishes Quran for the blind

The first 700 copies of the Quran in braille have already been published and will be given for free to schools for the blind and to libraries, said Shoazim Minovarov, head of the Uzbek Committee for Religious Affairs. Uzbekistan plans to print a total of 4,000 copies of the special Quran, which will be in Arabic details

Amendments to the Law on Elections let the minority override over the majority

Amendments to the Law on Elections both of a president and to the parliament of Uzbekistan set an unprecedented practice for Uzbekistan in which 33% of voters can still make elections valid despite the unwillingness or inability of the rest of the 67% of voters to show up at an election poll. This allows 33% of the voters to impose their will on the rest of the voters. Before this number was 50%. details

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Is "Velvet Revolution" possible in Uzbekistan?

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